Useful Tips in Creating a Lovely Balcony Garden

Suggestions in Setting Up a Balcony Garden

If you’re living in a neighborhood that does not a yard for every house, it’s a big challenge to have your own garden next to your home. However, if your house’s got a balcony, you can actually set up an intimate, useful, and stunning garden around this part of your residence. Here are some tips that you’ll find useful in creating a verdant and manageable space you’ll surely enjoy.

Home ImprovementFirst of all, consider the weather conditions in your area. This is primarily to ensure that you’re buying and growing the types of plants conducive to your particular weather system. Check your local plant shop and ask for available plants. They don’t’ actually stock plants that won’t survive the weather in your area.

Second, consider the microclimate of your own balcony. In particular, figure out what kind of light does the space receive, how long, and what intensity. Is the balcony sheltered or quite windy? Answering these questions can help you narrow down your options and choose the suitable plants for your pleasure.

Third, decide whether you want to keep plants that will survive throughout the seasons or ones that will only thrive a season or two. Ideally, it’s good to have a mix of these plants in order for you to enjoy different kinds of flowers, herbs, and even some veggies all year round. A pot of greens and flowers can instantly lift up your mood during the gloomy, winter months.

Fourth, use the right containers and soil. Aside from their appearance, take into account the containers’ material and drainage when shopping for pots and containers. Generally, pots made of porous materials like a terracotta can hold water for a longer time compared to plastic pots. Containers with drainage holes are also nice in order to avoid root rot and over soaking of plants to water.

Finally, take the furniture in your balcony into consideration. What’s the main purpose of your balcony? Will it be a place where you can grow flowers and enjoy them yourself? Or is it also a place to entertain your guests or a good spot to have a cup of coffee? It’s a good idea to add a couple of chairs, a small table, or a small cabinet to make use of the space.

Follow these useful tips when planning to improve the appearance of your home’s balcony. Once done, your balcony can be a great spot to entertain your guests outdoors and a place for you to relax from time to time.

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How to Destress Using Toxin-killing Houseplants

Selection of Toxin-killing Houseplants

A home without plants is incomplete according to interior designers. One of the main reasons why plants are infused into modern home’s design is to provide natural air filtration system. After all, a house that house that has no plants looks boring and sickly.

Home ImprovementDon’t you know that there are so many plants out there labeled by researchers as toxin eliminating plants? If you can put them inside your home, surely, the air quality will improve. The following are plants that you should place in your home’s design:

Golden pothos: Formaldehyde is a common toxic problem, but not when golden photos are around the house. This plant has made into the list of NASA when it comes to plants that have the ability to absorb formaldehyde. This plant is perfect when planted in your living room, kitchen and etc. When planted, its leaves are cascading like vines. They are also perfect for homes that have no high level of sunshine as well.

Red-edged dracaena: If your house is spacious and you don’t have enough cash to fill it out with other expensive decors, worry not because this plant will be perfect filler. It can grow around 15 feet and will basically fill up the space in due time. Aside from being space filler, this plant is also functional when it comes to eliminating toxins like formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene and etc.  

Spider plant: If you are to pick a plant that you will include on your list of houseplants, there should be a slot for spider plant. The main reason why you should get this plant is it’s on the list of NASA when it comes to top air purifying houseplants. The toxins it can fight include xylene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene.


If there is a really attractive yet so functional plant that you should put in your house, it is the philodendron. This plant is unique looking since its leaves are shaped like a heart. You will not have any issue when it comes to caring for this plant because it is easy to maintain. It can also be used as decorative vines inside the house. Aside from being aesthetically unique, this plant is also good in preventing formaldehyde at home.

You don’t need to buy an automatic air filtration machine and install it in your house if the interior is well designed with useful houseplants. If you need more help when it comes to selecting your houseplants, please visit the nearest plant supplier or gardener for professional assistance.

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