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How soon do you treat a stain? What is the best way to do for Houston tx carpet cleaning? Do you wait over the night to have it soaked with water or solution? The best time is to do it as soon as possible, but since many are going busy with different things now, calling the pros for best carpet cleaning Houston is usually the quickest solution that comes to your mind.

carpet cleaningIf you really find a carpet stain difficult to treat, you can try this simple home remedy. This is effective for all sorts of stains, from your pet’s accident, chocolate, wine or dirt. First, prepare the necessary materials, like the paper towels, lukewarm water, clear dishwashing liquid and cool water.

Now before you start carpet cleaning in Houston Texas, make sure to remove any solid matter that is left. With the paper towels, blot up the stain with enough pressure so that the towel can absorb the spill. Once the towel is saturated, use another paper towel or use the clean spot and blot again. Do this process until no trace of stain is transferred to the towel.

After blotting, it is time to rinse. However, try first to pour a small amount of lukewarm water on the stained area before applying the cleaning solution. This is important, most especially, if the stain has been left untouched for days already. When the stain is still there, proceed with the next step.

The ideal home remedy carpet cleaning solution is a mixture of one cup of lukewarm water and 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid. No matter what the size of the carpet stain, you should not add more than the required drops, as it might leave a residue behind on the carpet. Also, a colorless or clear liquid soap is best otherwise; it could affect or stain the carpet even more.

After mixing, dip the towel into the solution and blot at the stain gently. Start blotting from the outside of the spot towards the center to prevent the stain from spreading. Pros of carpet cleaning in Houston, TX highly suggest not to scrub but only dab at the stains with gentle pressure. If all else fail, hire a specialist for home improvement to help you in doing the job done. Before hiring anyone try to check the Houston carpet cleaning reviews.

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