Five Signs that You Need to Have a Foundation Repair in Houston TX

Foundation Problem Signals

Have you just bought a new home for your family? If you are still on the process of buying a new property for you and your family, make sure you have it checked first with a specialist for home improvement. It is worth an investment to ensure your new home is safe. Behind the walls and under the flooring, you may not see the cracks and some holes that can later cost you expensive foundation repair in houston TX.

Foundation repair Houston TXOne of the expensive home improvements is Houston TX foundation repair If you have bought a home or still looking, check out these five signs that tell you need to have the foundation repaired.

  1. Uneven or sloping floors – this is a major sign of a failing foundation that requires home foundation repair Houston. It can be difficult to spot in most cases, but you can call a pro to inspect your floors and the foundation further.
  1. Cracks in brick – when you see cracks from the exterior or interior brick wall, it could be a sign of failing foundation. It may be difficult to recognize and evaluate of the cracks in brick walls are indeed the result of damage to the foundation.
  1. Displaced moldings – if you see the crown molding have separated or the corner of the molding has cracked, it could be a sign of foundation problem. Another signal is when a crack runs up the wall through the molding into the ceiling. Get a pro to confirm this issue.
  1. Wall rotation – this may not be an obvious sign that a foundation has a problem, but when you see the painted paneling has cracked and split into different parts, have it checked instantly. The interior wall supports must have rotated, thus the molding over the passageway has separated.
  1. Cracks in flooring or foundation – if there aren’t any cracks in walls or the floor is even, check your foundation. There could be cracks from the stair step going through foundation. Check as well for cracks on your flooring. It could get worse running through the foundation of your home.

Other signs to check for foundation repair in Houston, TX are the separation of doors and windows, spaces between walls and ceilings and when the walls separate from the house. You may also read foundation repair Houston reviews for your information.

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